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How To Print A Return Label Without A Printer? – Find Out Here!

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Ben Hunter

Ben Hunter

I started as a portal to educate and guide people who are either looking to buy a label printer or want to start a business selling them. Here I cover the differences in label printer technologies, the advantages and disadvantages in each and also share my (unbiased) recommendations on which type is best for your business.

How To Print A Return Label Without A Printer?

If you need to send something back but don’t have access to a printer, don’t worry! You can still print a return label without a printer. This blog post will walk you through the steps to do just that. We’ll cover how to find the correct return label for your needs, how to save it on your computer or mobile device, and finally, how to get it printed at a local store or library.

What Is A Return Label?

A return label is a document that includes the sender and recipient’s address and other important information, such as tracking numbers and barcodes. It sends items back to the original sender or another destination.

What Exactly Is A Label Printer?

For those who frequently ship, you may consider investing in a shipping label printer; these devices have been designed specifically for printing labels.

Thermal printers use heat instead of ink to print. They come in various types and require specific papers. These are good for printing shipping labels but aren’t suitable for normal paper documents.

If you need to print labels, a label printer is better than a regular printer. It prints directly onto sticky-backed paper, so you can easily peel off the label and apply it to your shipment.

This method quickens the process by eliminating the need for scissors, tape, or glue. Printing labels is much better than handwriting them if you sell products online, and it adds a professional touch to your brand.

Reasons For Printing A Return Label Without A Printer

You may need to print a return label without a printer for many reasons. Perhaps you don’t have access to a printer at home, or you’re on the go and don’t want to carry bulky equipment. Whatever the reason, getting your return label printed without owning a printer is possible. Here are some of the most common reasons for printing a return label without a printer:

  • You don’t have access to a printer.
  • You’re on the go and don’t want to carry bulky equipment.
  • You need to print multiple copies of the same label.
  • You need to print labels in bulk.

Steps To Print A Return Label Without A Printer

Step #1 Obtain The Necessary Information

Before you can print a return label without a printer, you’ll need to obtain the necessary information. This includes the sender and recipient’s address and any tracking numbers or barcodes associated with the package. You may also need to provide additional information, such as your name and contact details. Once you have all this information, you can move on to the next step.

Step #2 Visit The Post Office Or Shipping Store

Once you have all the necessary information, visit your local post office or shipping store. Here, you can request a return label from an employee. They will be able to provide you with a printed copy of the label that you can attach to your package. Be sure to bring along any tracking numbers or barcodes associated with the shipping package, as this will help speed up the process.

Step #3 Ask For Assistance In Printing The Return Label

You can still print your return label without a printer if you don’t have access to a post office or shipping store. Many local stores and libraries offer printing services that can be used to print out return labels. All you need to do is ask an employee for assistance in printing the label. They will be able to provide you with the necessary equipment and instructions on how to get the job done.

Step #4 Pay For The Shipping Costs And Receive The Printed Label

Once the return label is printed, the next step is to pay for the shipping costs. Depending on where you are sending the package, this cost may vary. You can usually pay these costs with cash or a credit card at the post office or shipping store. Once you have paid for the cheaper shipping costs, you will receive your printed return label. Be sure to attach it securely to your package before sending it off.

Do I Need To Purchase Labels Online?

Buying your labels online is not required if you find it too difficult.

Don’t be too disheartened if you don’t have a printer; internet shopping may require some attention, but many people find it easier to take their items to the post office and label them there. The staff can price and print the labels efficiently.

Buying labels online has several advantages, such as quicker printing addresses by mail than writing them by hand.

This possibly increases your company’s profitability and saves time, mainly if you operate in e-commerce.

You may be eligible for reduced postal rates when you buy shipping labels online. The business can save money on staffing costs when customers don’t need to queue up and ask for help. As a result, they can lower their prices. Bystand in line and bypass the need for staff assistance, you may be rewarded with a discount – this allows the business to save money by reducing employee numbers and prices.

For online retailers with slim profit margins, taking a few cents off each box delivered is alluring. As a result, many individuals are heading this way to take advantage of the cost savings. Although it is not required, doing so could increase your company’s profitability. Lower delivery costs will probably appeal to you even if you don’t sell products for a living.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQS

Where can I use my phone to print a label?

On an iPhone or Android, you may use the PitneyShip App to generate a shipping label and print it right away, or you can store it as a shipping request and print it later from your computer.

Can paper be used for a return label?

To prevent any damage to the shipping label while printing it on standard paper, you can place the transparent adhesive tape over the form. You may always buy the self-adhesive shipping labels and print them directly to streamline the procedure and prevent placing adhesive tape over the paper.

Can I write on a shipping label by hand?

Can I write on a shipping label by hand? The shipping address can be written by hand (as long as it qualifies), but you still need a carrier barcode, which the carrier must create. Handwriting mailing addresses might take a lot of time, depending on how many orders you’re filling.

Do I Have To Use Paper With A Sticky Backing?

If you have used a regular inkjet printer and regular paper, you might be worried about really attaching the label because the paper won’t be sticky. How is it fastened to the package?

You can stick your label on glue, tape, or both. Ensure the cement isn’t too wet so the ink won’t smear when scanned. Otherwise, your barcode won’t be readable by the delivery devices.

Use caution while handling the barcode if you decide to use tape instead. Scanning issues may arise once again if the video on top becomes wrinkled. Leave the barcode exposed if you can, or if you can take the effort to smooth the tape down over it and try to prevent wrinkles.

Since inkjet ink is not waterproof, covering it up will protect it if your box becomes wet. This is the recommended course of action.

Your delivery will probably be delayed if your barcode does become illegible since it will need to be rescanned by a person. Theoretically, it should still arrive at the correct location, although it is preferable to protect the barcode if you can.

How can I fix my printer if it stops working after I buy a shipping label?

After buying a shipping label and opting for a printing method, you may become worried if your printer unexpectedly stops working. Paying twice for the same label isn’t desirable, so what additional steps could be taken?

Thankfully, this is a relatively simple issue to resolve. You need to make changes to your first reservation. Log in to the website, and find the specifics of your package, but leave the receiver, return address, and other data.

The label printing information is the only thing you need to change. You must choose “no printer” if you chose “Collection” or “Drop off” instead.

Labeling your package will usually cost more; however, this depends on the service provider and package type. The additional expense must be paid before you ship it.

Additionally, depending on the courier, you can be charged a small cost for the adjustment. Your shipment won’t be sent until all fees, and additional costs are paid.

Do I need a return label?

In the instances listed below, a return address is necessary. The sender’s domestic return address must be visible on Any class of mail that is asked for return or address correction. Government mail Using pre-canceled postage, send mail.


In conclusion, printing a return label without a printer is possible. You must obtain the necessary information, visit your local post office or shipping store, ask for assistance printing the label, and pay for the shipping costs. Once you have done all these steps, you will receive your printed return label, which can be securely attached to your package before sending it off.

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