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Printer Brands

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Ben Hunter

Ben Hunter

I started as a portal to educate and guide people who are either looking to buy a label printer or want to start a business selling them. Here I cover the differences in label printer technologies, the advantages and disadvantages in each and also share my (unbiased) recommendations on which type is best for your business.

When searching for a reliable printer, you'll likely come across a multitude of brands claiming to offer the best products. However, only a select few have earned a reputation for excellence through original technology, exceptional customer satisfaction, and superior performance. Top brands like HP, Canon, Xerox, Brother, and Epson lead the industry in global shipments, revenue, and customer satisfaction. These brands offer high-quality color printing solutions, diverse printing options, and inventive features. To find the best brand for your needs, consider factors like print volume, budget, and specialized printing requirements. As you navigate the world of printer brands, you'll learn more about what sets them apart.

Top Printer Brands of 2024

In selecting the right printer for your needs, you'll likely come across some familiar names that have dominated the market for years. When searching for the best printers, you'll probably stumble upon industry giants like HP, Canon, Xerox, Brother, and Epson. These top printer brands of 2024 offer a wide range of cutting-edge products, from inkjet printers to professional printing solutions.

HP, the leader in global printer shipments, boasts cutting-edge products like the HP+ Smart Printing System. Canon, with its rich history since 1933, provides a diverse range of printing solutions, including professional and cloud-based services.

Xerox, generating a whopping $7 billion in revenue in 2022, is known for its ConnectKey technology and global presence in over 160 countries. Brother, established in 1908, focuses on office solutions and ranks fourth in worldwide printer shipments for 2023.

Epson, founded in 1942, shipped over 3.6 million printers worldwide in Q2 2023 and offers robotic office solutions along with a range of printer options. These top printer brands have earned their reputation by consistently delivering high-quality products, making them the go-to choices for your printing needs.

Factors in Our Printer Brand Ranking

When you investigate the top printer brands of 2024, you'll want to know what sets them apart, and that's where our ranking factors come in. Our printer brand ranking considers several key elements to determine the best printer brands. Company reputation, customer satisfaction, and product innovation are vital factors in our evaluation. We also take into account empirical data from sources like Statista and IDC, along with revenue and financial performance. Moreover, we assess high worldwide stature, product efficacy, and unique features to determine the top brands.

When selecting a printer brand, it's important to examine features, services, reputation, security measures, and the type of printer that suits your needs. Are you looking for the best printer for home use or one that's ideal for printing photos rather than using a laser printer? Our ranking factors help you make an informed decision.

Leading Printer Brands in the Industry

top printer manufacturers listed

You're likely familiar with the top printer brands dominating the market, including HP, Canon, Xerox, Brother, and Epson, which have established themselves as industry leaders through their groundbreaking products and global presence.

These leading printer brands have made significant contributions to the printing industry, offering a wide array of creative solutions for different printing needs. HP, founded in 1939, boasts the highest share of global printer shipments, specializing in laser products, computers, and printers.

Canon, established in 1933, offers a diverse range of office, personal, large format, and production printing solutions, securing the second most global printer shipments in 2023. Xerox, founded in 1906, focuses on printers and copiers, known for its ConnectKey technology features and App Gallery, operating in over 160 countries.

Brother and Epson, founded in 1908 and 1942, respectively, provide office solutions like printers and scanners, with a strong global presence. These leading printer brands have revolutionized the printing industry, offering high-quality color printing solutions that cater to a variety of printing needs.

Printer Brands for Home and Office

For home and office use, top printer brands like HP, Canon, Xerox, Brother, and Epson offer a range of solutions that cater to diverse printing needs, from basic document printing to high-quality photo printing.

When choosing a printer brand for your home or office, you'll want to take into account factors like budget, desired features, and print volume requirements to find the best fit for your needs.

Here are three key factors to keep in mind:

  1. Print Volume: If you need to print high volumes, look for brands like HP and Canon, which offer high-capacity printers designed for heavy use.
  2. Budget: If you're on a tight budget, consider brands like Brother, which offers affordable printers with a range of features.
  3. Specialized Printing Needs: If you require specialized printing capabilities, such as photo printing or scanning, look for brands like Epson, which offers a range of printers with advanced features.

Choosing the Right Printer Brand

selecting the perfect printer

With your specific printing needs in mind, you can now narrow down the options by evaluating key features like print speed, color printing capabilities, and multifunctionality to choose the right printer brand for your home or office. Consider how often you'll be printing, and whether you need high-quality color prints or just basic black and white documents.

Print speed is important if you're planning to print large volumes, so look for a printer brand that can handle your workload efficiently. Color printing capabilities are vital if you're planning to print photos or graphics. Moreover, consider multifunctionality – do you need a printer that can scan, copy, and fax as well?

Research major manufacturing companies like Ricoh, Toshiba, and Konica Minolta, which offer a wide range of printer options. You can also seek expert advice from local print vendors or download resources from reputable sources to gather information and make an informed decision when selecting a printer brand.

Alternative Options to Printer Brands

Beyond traditional printer brands, a world of alternative options emerges, offering specialized solutions for specific printing needs. As you venture into the domain of 3D printing, you'll encounter a diverse range of alternative options that cater to unique requirements.

Here are three types of alternative options to ponder:

  1. Specialized 3D printer companies: Brands like MakerBot, Markforged, and Snapmaker offer high-quality 3D printers designed for specific applications, such as rapid prototyping or clay printing.
  2. Diverse 3D printer brands: Companies like Builder 3D, Dremel, and Kodak provide a range of 3D printers that cater to different fabrication needs, from entry-level to advanced models.
  3. Innovative 3D printer brands: Brands like Voron, Wasp, and Zortrax offer unique features such as open-source designs, rapid prototyping, and customizable options, making them ideal for specific printing needs.

These alternative options provide a pathway to specialized solutions, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your printing needs. By exploring these alternatives, you can unearth new possibilities in the world of 3D printing.

Printer Brand Comparison Chart

printer comparison chart details

You're about to examine a thorough comparison of the top printer brands, pitting HP, Canon, Xerox, Brother, and Epson against each other in a showdown for supremacy.

As you dive into the world of printing, it's important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each company. HP, the market leader, boasts a cutting-edge HP+ Smart Printing System, while Canon offers diverse printing solutions and professional cloud-based services.

Xerox, with its ConnectKey technology, has a significant global presence in over 160 countries, generating $7 billion in revenue in 2022. Brother stands out with its focus on office solutions and industrial machines, ranking fourth in global printer shipments.

Epson, known for its robotic office solutions, shipped over 3.6 million printers worldwide in Q2 2023. When choosing a printer, consider factors like ink cartridges, print quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Each company has its unique features, so it's important to weigh your options carefully. By comparing these top brands, you'll make an informed decision that suits your printing needs.

Reliable Printer Brands for Business

When selecting a printer for business use, you need a brand that can keep up with your printing demands without breaking the bank or requiring constant maintenance. You want a reliable printer that can handle high print volumes and provide quality prints consistently.

When it comes to printer reliability, some brands stand out from the rest. Here are three reliable printer brands for business use:

  1. Brother: Known for their affordable and efficient laser printers, Brother is a popular choice for businesses.
  2. Canon: Offering a range of laser and inkjet printers, Canon is a dependable brand for businesses that require high-quality prints.
  3. Xerox: With their advanced features and durable printers, Xerox is a great option for businesses that need reliable printing solutions.

When choosing a printer brand, consider factors like print volume, features, and overall dependability. Laser printers, like those from Brother, are generally more dependable for business needs, whereas inkjet printers, like those from Canon, may require more maintenance and have higher long-term costs.

Popular Printer Brands for Hobbyists

top printer brands listed

If you're looking for a reliable printer to fuel your creative endeavors, consider exploring popular brands that cater specifically to hobbyists.

As a hobbyist, you require a printer that's not only affordable but also delivers high-quality prints. Creality is a popular choice among hobbyists, offering affordable and reliable 3D printers that won't break the bank.

Elegoo is another favorite, providing high-quality and budget-friendly 3D printers that are perfect for hobbyists. LulzBot is a top choice for hobbyists, renowned for its reputation for reliability and performance.

Anycubic is also a popular brand, offering a range of user-friendly and affordable 3D printers that cater to hobbyists' needs. Prusa Research is well-regarded for its cutting-edge and versatile 3D printers, making it a top pick among hobbyists.

When choosing a printer, consider factors like print quality, durability, and customer support. By exploring these popular brands, you'll find a reliable printer that meets your creative needs and budget.

Emerging Trends in Printer Brands

As the printing industry evolves, forward-thinking brands are revolutionizing the market with eco-friendly designs, personalized solutions, and cutting-edge technologies that cater to your unique needs and preferences. These emerging trends are transforming the printing experience, providing you with more flexibility, convenience, and sustainability.

Some key trends shaping the future of printing include:

  1. Eco-friendly practices: Brands are focusing on energy-efficient designs and recyclable materials to reduce their environmental footprint.
  2. Personalized printing solutions: You can now tailor your printing experience to your specific needs and preferences, enjoying a more customized and efficient printing process.
  3. Advanced technologies: The integration of AI, cloud connectivity, and other advanced technologies is enabling smart printing capabilities, remote management options, and seamless collaboration with third-party apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Brand of Printer Is Best?

When choosing the best printer for you, consider your cost considerations, personal preferences, and the environmental impact you want to make – then research brands that fit your needs, ensuring the perfect fit for your printing needs.

What Are the Well Known Printer Companies?

In terms of well-known printer companies, you'll find HP, Canon, Xerox, Brother, and Epson topping the list, all being industry giants that have shaped the printer history and fostered brand loyalty among consumers.

What Are the 4 Types of Printers?

You're likely familiar with the four main types of printers: inkjet, known for affordability and photo quality, laser, which excels in speed but has limitations in image quality, thermal, ideal for labels, and 3D, which creates objects.

What Is the No. 1 in Printer?

You're looking for the number one in printers, and it's not just about sales; you want a printer that excels in printer reliability, ink efficiency, and print quality – and that's exactly what the top brand offers.


By now, you've gained a thorough understanding of the top printer brands in 2024, the key factors to evaluate when choosing a brand, and the leading brands for home, office, and business use.

You've also seen how emerging trends will shape the industry's future.

With this knowledge, you're equipped to make an informed decision when selecting a printer brand that meets your specific needs, whether you're a hobbyist, entrepreneur, or simply looking for a reliable printing solution.

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